Candidate FAQ

We connect top talent with top employers.
On 100offer, companies apply to you by sending interview invitations which includes salary details.
Your privacy is our top priority. While on the 100offer platform, your profile will be kept confidential unless you accept an interview invitation.
Once you receive an interview invitation, candidates can work with their dedicated talent consultant to evaluate those opportunities. Think of your talent consultant as your personal career coach, he or she is there to help you objectively evaluate opportunities both on and off the 100offer platform.
100offer can bring you multiple interview opportunities from just a single application. All you have to do is create a personal profile to showcase your past experiences and achievements.
Within 7 working days. Your profile will be vet through based on the details you have provided and potential openings employers have on 100offer.
Your anonymous profile will be visible to the employers for 14 days after it goes live on 100offer.
We are partnering with the top 5% employers in the market. You can configure your privacy settings to decide who can or cannot view your profile.
Your privacy is our top priority.
You can block any companies of your choice, preventing them from viewing your profile.
Your profile will remain anonymous to any viewer, until you accept his/her interview invitation. Only your temporary/intermediate mobile number and email address will be reflected on your CV, via which employers can/will be able to reach you at. These will expire on the day you go offline.
100offer currently covers U.S., Singapore and China. All offered positions will be based in one of these three countries. We are expanding rapidly into other countries, so be sure to check back.
It's free of charge. And you will receive a gift from us when you start your new role.
This is not possible as employers do not advertise any jobs on 100offer. Instead, all you have to do is creating a personal profile to showcase your past experiences and achievements. Companies will come and "Invite" you to interviews.
We usually serve IT professionals with more than two years’ experience and would reject most applications from new graduates. But we are happy to receive applications from standout students with internships or direct project experience.
We do not encourage candidates to join us for market information only. Please apply only when you are genuinely looking for a job, or at least open to career change. Our employers all offer genuine jobs. We want to offer them genuine candidates.
Traditional job portals make candidates apply for each job manually or display your profile with minimum privacy. Often anyone can see that you are looking for a job. Sometimes they can even access your contact details.
On 100offer interview invitations are made directly to you, in complete confidence. 100offer can bring you multiple interview opportunities from just a single application. You can decide which employers’ interview invitations you prefer in complete privacy. Your identity is only revealed to employers once you accept an interview.
In general, you are able to join one batch in one job searching process. If you did not receive much attention from employers, it may simply mean that there are no suitable opportunities for you at the moment.
Employers are very active on our portal. They check all profiles during each round; therefore, there would not be much difference if you were to join for longer.
If you are facing any problems or would like to know more about 100offer, please do not hesitate to contact
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