For Employers

Using of the 100offer platform is free of charge. Unlike many recruitment portals, we only charge when we have delivered. You pay us only when one of our candidates is on-board at your company. Before that you pay us nothing. Our Account Manager can provide further details after registration.
100offer is probably the only platform on which you can connect with top technology professionals in high volume and in depth. We don’t just give you the CVs of our pre-screened candidates. We give you access to their job preferences, social network presences, etc. All that means you can free yourself from the hassle of sourcing, and focus on communicating and interviewing. In short, we can make your recruitment process much more efficient.
At 100offer our focus is mid-to-senior level IT talent. Whether you need technical professionals, designers, or product and operations staff, we can offer you the candidates you need to reach your business goals.
When you have seen a profile you like and sent an invitation to the candidate, full contact details will be visible on acceptance.
According to our detailed analysis, the following can dramatically increase acceptance rates:
1) Make sure that you understand a candidate’s career and location preferences. If the offered position doesn’t match up well with these, acceptance rates are usually very low.
2) Please complete the ‘company info’ page. Give the clearest possible explanation of your product, business model, team composition, tech stack, finance situation, etc.
3) Write a short and concise invitation with clear descriptions of the responsibility and scope of the position.
4) Add a more personalized message if you can. It’s a crowded field and friendliness really helps you stand out.
5) Last, but certainly not least, a salary matching candidate expectations always helps.
Once you have invited a candidate we will also notify them of your interest via email and text. At this point of course the ball is very much in the candidate’s court. If your offer matches their career objectives, most candidates respond very quickly. However there are others who take more time. Please be patient.
It’s easy. You can share in the candidates' profile page by entering your colleague's email address. You can also download the profile to send on to interested parties by any method you like.
You can also add your colleague as a "co-organizer" for a specific interview invitation, and manage the hiring process together with you.
No, we also provide contractor and freelancer solutions. Please contact your Account Manager for more information.
Yes, we have a specific filter called catered to your need, that you will be able to filter candidates without visa sponsorship requirements.
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